How to Make Your English Class Interesting?

Are you an English teacher struggling to find new ways to teach English? Maybe you have unmotivated students who are not interested in learning. Or perhaps you have learners that always complain of being bored in class.

Learning a new language is not an easy task. It can become boring and tiresome, especially if teachers teach it like other subjects.

One of the reasons students don’t take interest in learning English is that they don’t know the relevance of things they learn in language class with real life. They learn vocabulary and grammar that they never use in everyday life.

Teachers need to make their classes more interactive and fun. So that students can learn English without getting tired and unmotivated. In this article, i will share some ways to teach English interactively.

Include games in the classroom.

Ask students to open their English book and come up with adjectives that begin with V or any other letter. Your students will be instantly involved in this activity. You can list all the adjectives and tell them their meaning and usage.

You can also make it a competition where the student who comes up with more adjectives will be the winner. Games are fun, and children love playing them. If you make your class like a game and do such activities, your students will work twice as harder.

Role play

Role play is another way through which students can express themselves. You can assign them a drama or a play they will watch and then perform it in the class.

It will help them focus deeper on the dialogues and language structure. Students also love to come in front of the class. It will also give them a chance to show their acting skills.

You can include other skills like writing a report or directing the play. Role-play will also help them to improve their pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary.

Teach grammar commutatively

Many teachers have this misconception that if students have fun in class, they won’t be concentrating on language. But it is not true. In reality, students learn more if you teach them creatively.

Teaching grammar communicatively is another way of making your class less boring.

It means telling less about grammar roles and more about using grammar in communication.

You can also teach grammar by showing them a movie and then concentrating on dialogues and sentence structure.

Use technology in the classroom

Teaching English can become easier and more fun with modern technology. Now you can have hundreds of fun activities that students can perform online, from playing learning games to watching videos and reading interesting texts.

There are many websites that you can use to design different activities. Moreover, you can also share interesting YouTube videos, speeches of native speakers, and even audio and visual stories.

Technology can also help to assess the level of your students. Using technology, you can design quizzes, assignments, and exercises that are fun and evaluate your students’ language skills.

Encourage your students to practice

Students can’t learn English unless they practice daily. You can encourage them to improve their English with friends.

Also, creating different activities that give them a chance to practice in class will make it easy for them to improve their language.

Make a connection with your students.

Students enjoy learning when they know that their teacher loves them. Recent research showed that it depends on the teacher whether a student will like studying a subject or not.

So respect your students and don’t insult them, especially in front of their class fellows.

A strong relationship means you will have few discipline issues and more concentration on learning.

A teacher can easily make a boring topic interesting by having a good relationship with their students.

Final Thought

Language learning can be a challenging task. It requires students to concentrate and come out of their comfort zone. Students face fear and embarrassment when they communicate in another language. They are also scared of speaking due to the fear of losing face.

However, you can make your class interesting by using games, incorporating technology in class, designing interesting activities, and giving them a chance to practice the language. It will encourage your students to express themselves freely without fear and doubt.

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