How to Learn English with Friends

The process of learning anything is toilsome, but that can be made much easier if done in a group. Group studies are found to be more productive and efficient in developing individual skills, and you can take advantage of that while learning English. Grab some friends along for the ride; here is how you can arrange the process-

Divide noting responsibilities

While learning English, you will have to note down grammar points, vocabulary, example sentences, and so forth. Among friends, you can divide who will note what. Afterward, you can photocopy the notes of your friends and study from there.

For example, suppose you are working on collecting words to improve your vocabulary. You can take charge of verbs that begin with the letter N; another person can do a different letter, while another person can do the adjectives instead. That will reduce the time required to make notes, and all of you will be able to focus more on learning.

Plan regular group study sessions

The one problem that comes with studying in a group is that it might be hard to gather every day to learn English with your friends because everyone has their own schedules. So you have to plan it ahead. Try to keep it as frequent and consistent as possible. You can keep the time period flexible if you want, but it’s always good to be under a routine. On days when there aren’t any study sessions, you should still keep in touch with English as an individual and encourage others to do the same.

Set a collective goal

There should be a goal related to how much you will complete or what topic you will gain proficiency in for every study session. It can be a very small topic, but with these small steps, you can cross a country. When setting this kind of goal, it is very important to keep in mind the capabilities and limitations of every member of the group.

Some members can be fast learners while others are slow. If you set the goal on the fast learners, it will be hard for the slower ones to catch up. If you take the slower ones into account, the faster ones will become bored and unmotivated. So it’s important to find the middle ground when setting the goal.

Motivate each other

A massive advantage of learning English with your friends is the fact that all of you have to move together as a group. And in order to do that, all of you have to have nearly the same level of passion and motivation to learn and become fluent.

But of course, there might be times when one of you is not feeling motivated. Maybe because they’re finding it hard, or they are losing confidence in their abilities. In this case, all the other members of the group have to selflessly unite and encourage that person to continue. Build a team spirit. Never leave someone behind, carry them along.

Test out each other’s skills

At the end of every study session, you can keep some time to test each other on the things you learned. If it’s a fairly large group, you can divide it into pairs and trios for this. From your notes, ask your partner different questions, and test their vocabulary and grammar. While you are doing that, you will not only be able to correct your friend if they do anything wrong, but you will also revise the whole thing yourself and fill all the gaps.

Practice rapid communication

In between your studies, all of you should constantly keep talking with each other in English. There might be some members who are naturally not very talkative, and the rest of you must include those members by asking them questions. If anyone is having difficulty forming a sentence, help them out. If anyone is making a mistake, correct them and don’t say anything that will destroy their confidence.

Take breaks, have fun

Having fun while learning is very important. The time allocated for studying should only be for studying, but there should also be time for relaxing and just playing around with your friends. So while you are together, you can also do fun activities like watching a movie or playing different types of board games or something like checking wedding jewelry and while doing so, keep talking with each other in English as best as you can.

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