Shiny, Short, Airy: 5 Autumn Trends In Evening Dresses

In 2022, evening fashion was mainly inspired by the drama and classicism of royal weddings, but as you know, women like opposites. This season, it’s about interpreting classics into new trends and ideas. Every online dress shop offers an alternative color palette, attractive solutions, and expensive and budget models.

Floral Print

We are not talking about traditional floral motifs that have been present in evening fashion for years. Today, online store dresses offer the boldest floral prints in textured three-dimensional embroidery, large flowers in pastel shades, or bright and voluminous flowers. This technique will add color and playfulness to any wedding dress silhouette. Check them out at

Asymmetric Dress On One Shoulder

The history of one-shoulder dresses began in Ancient Greece with the ancient tunic and in Ancient Rome. An asymmetric one-shoulder dress is not only a trend, an alternative to classic cuts, but also an element with a long history and symbolism. Such a neckline is suitable for any style, a classic strict silhouette or a light semi-transparent model.

Shiny Fabrics

Glitter in evening fashion is not new, but it is especially relevant this season and can be found in any online dress shop. Such models are best suited for evening parties, and to avoid overdoing them, we advise you to choose plain accessories without a hint of shine.

Short Length

If you like dancing, short-length dresses are your choice. In 2022, Milla Nova designers suggested wearing elegant mini dresses for the official part and the evening.

Fluffy Dresses

Along with short dresses, airy silhouettes are also relevant and practical. Due to light fabrics, such as organza and tulle, fluffy models are practically weightless and delicate. They do not restrict movement and do not weigh down the image. We advise you to combine them with minimalist sandals and slightly wild curls.

Where To Buy Dresses In The US?

Having vast experience in the wedding industry, Milla’s online dress shop decided to organize a comfortable space for women with no analogs in America. In our store, every image is filled with love, inspiration, and comfort. We also offer individual tailoring and worldwide shipping.

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