Rumors of Russell Wilson Cheating on Wife Ciara

The news of Russell Wilson’s alleged cheating is nothing new. Rumors have surfaced since the NFL star and his wife were married. However, both Russell Wilson and his wife have remained silent, and neither have they publicly addressed the accusations. While his wife is not denying the allegations, she has been silent as well. In July of 2016, she filed a lawsuit against the NFL player and his former girlfriend, Reina Westberg. The lawsuit was filed for $5 million, and Russell Wilson was ordered to serve a year in jail and pay damages. The alleged victim has yet to publicly comment on the matter, but there are rumors that she might be cheating on her husband with another woman.

While the NFL is investigating Russell Wilson’s alleged affair, the couple has remained silent. A friend of Reina Westberg accused Russell of bragging on social media about her pregnancy and the rape allegations. She claimed to be preggers when Wilson called her and she reacted by making her profile private. WAGS Unfiltered reported that the couple hasn’t been in touch since the alleged incident, and that they have no proof to support their claims.

Although his girlfriend Ciara has not publicly commented on the rumored affair, it’s safe to assume that she was never happy with the news. The singer is reportedly worried about the health of her boyfriend, so she probably didn’t welcome the news of Russell Wilson cheating. If Ciara knew the truth, she wouldn’t have been so happy with the news. Nevertheless, it’s safe to assume that Russell Wilson is cheating on Ciara, but there’s no need to panic. The Seattle Seahawks quarterback is definitely no stranger to cheating scandals.

The NFL hasn’t revealed Wilson’s girlfriend’s identity because he is a devout Christian. However, if she had cheated on him with another man, she would have lied to the league and her fans. In addition to the allegations regarding cheating on Wilson, she cited her mother and her girlfriend’s religious beliefs in the statement. This statement was the last straw that led many people to believe that she was cheating on her husband.

A rumor that Golden Tate was cheating on Russell Wilson came to light after Wilson’s wedding to Ashton Meem. While Wilson denied cheating, he chose to remain silent about the affair. Golden Tate, who was involved in the affair, has also disappeared from social media platforms. She hasn’t spoken on the issue since her divorce. Wilson is currently working as a marketing manager for Your American Family Insurance.

There are a few theories on the reasons for this, but the main one is that he’s cheating on his wife. If that’s the case, the woman who made the accusation is delusional. There are a lot of women who want their husbands to be sexy and he is not. However, the question remains: is Russell Wilson cheating on his wife? It’s certainly not a simple question.

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