Introducing OKVIP Asia’s No.1 Rewards and Entertainment Group

OKVIP is a corporation that owns many of the most typical bookie brands in Asia, which brings players the best entertainment moments. This playground always aims to develop and perfect the betting experience of all members. The values ​​and attraction that this playground brings to the betting community will be shared below.

Some outstanding information about OKVIP corporation

The company was established and has been in operation for nearly 20 years now. Initially, the unit operated under the name TAIPEI 101. Initially the company received a lot of attention. The company has a large and professional operation scale, so many large units seek to cooperate.

In April 2023 to get closer to the international market, the company changed its name to OKVIP. After many years of operation, from a single unit to now the company has developed its network system. Currently, it is one of the largest online game companies in Asia. The scope of the company’s operations spans across Asia from Dubai, the Philippines and Singapore.

Some outstanding information about OKVIP corporation

For each different country, the company will be responsible for the construction or financing of the amusement parks. Betting sites in different countries have their own differences. As a result, players have appreciated the company’s investment in the market.

Overall, the unit is perfecting itself to meet the needs of players. You can fully expect an attractive betting playground in the future.

What are the advantages of OKVIP corporation?

This is one of the biggest players in the betting market. Here are the outstanding advantages of the company that readers can refer to as:

The infrastructure

To meet and give employees a professional working environment. OKVIP invested a lot in its facilities. All equipment such as computers, tables and chairs … are fully invested. In addition, the company also supports living benefits including: blankets, brushes… The employee’s bedroom is fully equipped with modern amenities such as: air conditioner, refrigerator. So when working here, you will experience a leading modern and professional working space.

Parts of OKVIP

The departments in the company are divided specifically and clearly. Typical faculties include:

  • Management: This is where strategic decisions are made for the company. Therefore, the operator needs to have competence as well as in-depth knowledge.
  • Board of Directors: The Board of Directors is a functional part of the companyOKVIP. This department will have the main task of running the company’s activities. In addition, the Board of Directors also leads and supervises all activities
  • Human Resources Department: The company’s human resources department will be responsible for recruiting personnel, dealing with personnel issues in the company.
  • Finance and Accounting Department: This is the department that will be responsible for the company’s finances.
  • Marketing Department: This department will take care of the communication for the company. Research and learn about current market needs.

What are the advantages of OKVIP corporation?

Ensure employee benefits

Staff came to interview at OKVIP Support until you go to work. In addition, when you officially work at the company, you are also supported with many benefits. Employees will be considered for a periodical salary increase based on work performance. Monthly living allowance up to 3,00.000 VND. And special occasions such as birthdays and holidays employees are rewarded. Those who have worked for a long time at the company will be considered for a periodic salary increase.

OKVIP Which bookies do you sponsor?

Currently, the company is the sponsor for the most bookies in the market. These bookies are all famous playgrounds with high quality. So do you know which bookies they are? Here are the bookies OKVIP Sponsored by:

  • The first is the 789BET house, which is considered the paradise of casino games. This house is rated as the number 1 unit worth participating in betting. When coming to this playground, you will experience many popular games. The house also invests in many different game halls for you to bet freely.

Which bookmakers does OKVIP sponsor?

  • The second name is okay OKVIP main sponsor is NEW88, this is considered a place where you can relax every day. Here you can have fun and get yourself amazing rewards. The games here are not to be missed such as: casino, playing cards, exploding jars, sports betting… When playing, if you win, you will quickly be rewarded.

Cproducts and services available at OKVIP

The company in addition to sponsoring the activities of the bookie, this unit also has many other attractive products and services. Here are some typical products and services that you can learn about:

The house’s hot game lobby is considered a paradise for gamers. Here you will get 24 diverse choices. Each lobby is designed with a unique and impressive interface. Typical main halls at OKVIP To be:

  • casino okvip
  • Card game OK
  • SportOK
  • Shoot FishOK
  • GamechickenOK


Here is the information about OKVIP want to send to readers. Thereby hopefully helping you better understand this company. In particular, these are the advantages as well as some of the products that the unit owns. If you have any questions about the above information, please contact us for more information!

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