HSDD symptoms and how Addyi can help women today

A happy sexual life is significant in overall physical development. But today, women are suffering from sexual dysfunction known as HSDD or Hypoactive sexual desire disorder. The absence of sexual desire is the primary sign of this condition; other symptoms are not having sexual fantasies, particularly significant anguish owing to this lack, and facing challenges in a relationship.

The available reports say that one in ten women face hsdd symptoms, frequently disrupting physical relationships as it makes their men cheat or lose interest in them. A decrease in libido is a natural phenomenon in women. It is the result of some reasons, including hormonal changes, side effects of medications, pregnancy and breastfeeding, surgery, lifestyle habits and conditions such as chronic insomnia, a newborn baby, sexual problems such as vaginal dryness, physical and psychological causes, and even stress.

HSDD Symptoms and treatment for women

  • Low libido

HSDD is the absence of sexual studies or fantasies and lack of sexual desire that also causes torture in a relationship or with someone’s mate. A low libido void of conflict in a relationship or sexual mate can be just that without an opinion of HSDD.

  • Diabetes 

Studies show that humans with diabetes are much more likely to expand HSDD than their peers, with as much as seventy-one percent of girls identified with diabetes also reporting a few stages of sexual dysfunction.

  • Heart disease

Coronary artery disease and sexual dysfunction are linked in men and women, with heart disease potentially affecting sexual desire, performance, and overall sexual well-being.

  • Hormonal health

Changes in your body’s manufacturing of testosterone and estrogen can affect your intercourse drive. Androgen and estrogen hormones are used off-label to treat HSDD in women, often in response to lower-than-normal production in your body.

  • Medicines

Some medications can affect your level of sexual interest and the level of pleasure you feel from sexual activity.

  • Fatigue

Women’s Extreme frazzle, fatigue, and prostration, whether from your professional or particular life, can affect your coitus drive.

 Addyi helps women in numerous ways to overcome HSDD. These are the points as mentioned below.

  • Addyi medication provides Women with HSDD for those with a low sexual desire that’s disquieting to them. Their intense sexual desire isn’t due to a medical or internal health problem, problems in the relationship, or drug or other medical use. This medic nation is the best medicine prescribed by doctors.
  • Addyi is used to treat dropped sexual desire in women who haven’t gone through menopause and who have no way had a low sexual desire in history. It’s for use only when common sexual desire isn’t caused due to medical conditions, internal complaints, relationship problems, or by using medicines or other drugs.


Women who are nearly hitting menopause might have sexual diseases. It may beget dropped libido and low coitus drive. Addyi is claimed to retain the capability of working these sexual problems by regulating brain chemicals that are responsible for sexual desire. This medicine has several side effects, including wakefulness, nausea, fatigue, drowsiness, and dry mouth. The treatment is also only recommended for premenopausal women. Women do want to use Addyi.

The science of improving sexual desire and HSDD symptoms still has work to do, especially for postmenopausal women for whom no prescription medications are available for HSDD. But what is encouraging is that society is finally giving women’s sex drive the attention and treatment it deserves. Hopefully, soon, asking your gynecologist how satisfied you are with your sex life will be as routine as asking about your last period.

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