What is Small Cash Withdrawal? How to Redeem Big and Small Bonuses

What is cash withdrawal download? Which bookie allows you to withdraw money in a reputable way and not worry about fraud? Reveal the answer in the following article, please refer to interesting information!

What is cash withdrawal?

Over and under is a betting game that attracts customers at the house Hi88Club, bringing indescribable emotions to bettors. After you experience this game, you will accumulate a part of the bonus. Players will continue to make cash withdrawals to use, which means you are redeeming online.

The house now has many methods for players to convert from virtual money to real money. Or you can also choose to convert via scratch card, but cash withdrawal is the easiest and most convenient. There are two typical methods that many players apply, which is withdrawing money to e-wallets and withdrawing money to the bank. The information section below will continue to answer the topic What is cash withdrawal? Please!

Poker game using real money to redeem prizes at Hi88

Discover how to withdraw money

According to statistics, the two fastest ways that people withdraw money from their accounts are through e-wallets as well as bank accounts. Specifically how to trade What is cash withdrawal?  Let’s refer.

Withdraw money to the bank

The biggest advantage of withdrawing money to the bank is that you can convert a large amount of money, instead of having to perform the operation many times. In addition, using a bank also saves transaction costs, and you are entitled to withdraw many times a day. Topic What is cash withdrawal? will introduce the following steps.

  • First, you must visit the correct Hi88 homepage link.
  • Signing in is the second step for the bookie to identify who you are, as well as authorize you to transact online.
  • Fund transfer is the next step, which means that you will transfer the amount of money in the game to the joint account.
  • Next, the player looks at the Menu bar and on it there is a withdrawal feature.
  • Choose to withdraw money to the bank and fill in the information requested by the bookie such as: Account holder name, bank number, phone number, transaction code, bank name, amount to withdraw, …
  • Verify with OTP code as the final step and consider the withdrawal process has taken place successfully.

Convert money from the game to cash in the bank

Withdraw money to e-wallets

What is cash withdrawal? How to withdraw money from an e-wallet? The house Hi88 will answer the above question, helping players transact more conveniently but also save transaction costs.

  • The first step requires players to log in to the Hi88 house by following the official link.
  • Login is the next step, you will fill in the username and password created.
  • The amount of money in the game is over and over, players make a fund transfer so that this amount is added to the official game account.
  • Next, the player looks at the Menu bar and on it there is a withdrawal feature.
  • Choose to withdraw money to Momo e-wallet, for example, then the game portal will navigate from Hi88 application to Momo application. The data in it has been filled in, you just need to enter the amount you need to withdraw.
  • Verify with Momo transaction code as the final step and consider the withdrawal process has taken place successfully.

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Note when withdrawing money

Some information players need to know when participating in betting and withdrawing money:

  • Contact customer service if there is an error: In case the player has an error in converting money, do not rush to conclude that the house is a scam. This may be an inadequacy in the house system or from the bank. Your best bet is to contact a customer service specialist who is available 24/7, they will check and provide an answer.
  • Regulations on account maintenance fees: The amount of money in the game will not be withdrawn in full, players must ensure to have 100,000 VND to maintain an active account. This is the general rule of most bookmakers and even Hi88 is no exception.
  • Unable to withdraw money if maintenance: In case the Hi88 dealer or the bank performs maintenance to correct errors or maintain and upgrade the system, you will not be able to transact. The best way to solve that is for players to wait for the maintenance period to end, then they can withdraw money.

Choose to withdraw money in different ways

Concept What is cash withdrawal? has been answered. Through today’s topic, you can know how to withdraw money to your bank or e-wallet. Follow the steps listed above to make the transaction as quick as possible!

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