Become a 789BET Agent – Make Money Online, Get Huge Income

Agent 789BET is an attractive job opportunity for young people who are looking for an online job that is flexible in terms of time but still brings good income. So how to register at 789BETs? Follow the article below and find out information about what preferential policies are available to agency partners.

1.About 789BET agent job

Becoming an online dealer is currently a job trend chosen by many young people. With the explosion of the online entertainment market in 2023, many brands have come and exploited in the Vietnamese market.

Introducing 789BET agent job

Keeping up with the trend, the house 789BET continues to expand in the potential market. Along with that, the brand needs to find more partners to become a 789BET agent. Agents play a role in promoting the online brand image to a large number of players, finding potential customers and bringing in revenue for the brand.

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2.Benefits of being an online brand agent 789BET

The 789BET brand welcomes all players who want to become a dealer with extremely attractive incentives.

2.1 Commissions up to 60%

Currently, the house is applying a commission for 789BET agents ranging from 35% – 60%. The total amount of income that the agent receives is unlimited. The agent commission is calculated based on the player’s total loss and the number of new members registered during the month using your agent code. This is an extremely competitive agent commission in the market.

2.2 Easy registration

The bookie opens its doors to business partners and joins hands in expanding and developing online brands. Therefore, the requirements for the agent 789BET are also very simple. Members registering agents only need to ensure the requirements are over 18 years old and are Vietnamese citizens. The steps to register an account are also very short and easy to follow.

Benefits of being a 789BET agent

3Commission policy for agents 789BET

789BET dealer commissions range from 35% to 60% based on negative margins and number of eligible members.

The agent has a negative profit of 1 billion, the number of valid members is 3, the applicable commission is 35%.

The agent has a negative profit of 1 billion, the number of valid members is 20, the applicable commission is 35%.

The agent has a negative profit of 1 billion, the number of valid members is 30, the applicable commission is 60%.

Agents need to have a minimum number of 3 members per month to be eligible to receive commissions. Eligible members need to reach a total deposit of over 1 million VND per month.

4.Guide to register agent 789BET

The registration process to become a dealer is very simple, members follow the following basic steps.

Step 1: Register/Login 789BET member account

To register to become a 789BET dealer, you first need to log in to your house member account. If you do not have an account, register for 789BET according to the instructions.

Step 2: Register information

After successfully logging in, the player clicks on the “Agent” item on the home page interface screen. The 789BET dealer registration page interface appears. Here, you will be provided with all information about agency policy, commission discount rate and how to calculate agent commission.

789BET agent registration instructions

Select “Register” and fill in the required information in the required form, including:

Agent registration name: Choose an easy-to-remember agent name, short from 5 to 13 characters.

Password: Set the agent account password from 8-20 characters. It is recommended to use characters including uppercase, lowercase, special characters and numbers to increase the security of the account.

Full Name: Fill in your real first and last name. The agent’s first and last name should match the first and last name of the bank account receiving the commission.

Phone number: Enter the owner’s phone number for the bookie to contact to confirm and discuss the policy.

Verification code: Enter the correct confirmation code according to the picture on the left.

Check the provided information and click the “Register” command.

Step 3: Complete the registration

After completing the registration form, players contact 789BET Customer Care department via Telegram for assistance in completing the registration procedure. The application for cooperation as an agent of 789BET will be reviewed by the bookie. Members who register as an agent will be contacted and exchanged information about commission policy, monthly bonus,…

After the two parties reach an agreement on benefits, the specialist will activate the agent account and open the affiliate link for your account. Agents use this affiliate link to find new members and accumulate commissions and increase income.

The above article has provided information about the policy for 789BET agents. Becoming a dealer is an online job that is very sought after. With an online dealer, earning hundreds of millions is no longer a dream.

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