Basic Rules of Cards for New Players

 Basic rules of playing cards This is the content that any newbie should grasp well. Because only when you understand the rules of the game can you limit unnecessary mistakes. If you are a newbie and don’t know how to play cards, please refer to this article of bookie Hi88 Please!

The most  Basic rules of playing cards  for Newbie

According to many experts, it is definitely a relatively difficult and picky type of card to play. Because the requirements of this game are extremely complicated, if you don’t remember it well, it is easy to get failed results. So for those of you who intend to try your hand posture then you should find out Basic rules of playing cards that Nhà cái Hi88 shares below.

Instructions on how to deal cards are super easy

The first content that you need to master when learning Basic rules of playing cards That is knowing how to deal.In fact, the deck has a total of 1000 cards. Therefore, the way of dealing this type of cards will be a bit more complicated than the normal card game.

The number of people participating in this game is usually between 3 and 5 people. However, the ideal number to participate in playing cards is definitely 4 people. In a game, each player will be dealt 19 cards first. The extra cards will be put in the middle position to draw cards. In a word, dealing is definitely similar to a sloppy card. So, if anyone has ever participated in playing a lot of cards, they will surely quickly get used to this type of card.

However, the only difference of the sure hand is that there must be 2 people dealing the cards. Specifically, 100 cards will be divided into 2 parts for 2 people. Each person will be responsible for dividing his/her share into 5 different parts. At the end of the dealing procedure, the number of cards left over should be 5.

Instructions on how to deal cards are super easy

Guide players to choose venom and pick up

Once the cards have been dealt, players need to combine each player’s 5 hands into 5 large parts. In which, 4 parts of cards will be distributed equally to each player, and the last part is used to draw cards (adding 5 extra cards to the venom).

At this point, each player will draw a random card from the sting to form a card. This first draw will help determine who goes first. If you draw the first card, you will hold the card and have the right to play first. According to many professional players, the way to choose venom and draw this is similar to playing Tan.

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Guide players to choose venom and pick one

Guide players to arrange cards when playing for sure

To understand clearly Basic rules of playing cards , you must know how to arrange the cards in the most accurate way. Just like with a dozen cards, the sure way to arrange cards needs to meet the conditions of visibility to avoid mistakes. Some important terms to understand when doing a stacking operation are:

  • Shield: Term used to refer to 2 cards that are the same in both number and quality
  • Cards: A term used to refer to two cards of the same character, of the same number, but of different suit.
  • Three-headed: Term used to refer to 3 cards of the same, same number but different suit.
  • Lame: Cards that are not a card, solid, or three-headed will be interpreted as lame. These are cards that are eaten or played by players with the aim of creating more barriers, cards to buzz.

Instructing players to arrange cards when playing for sure

Discover extremely easy blocking rules from masters

When I understood Basic rules of playing cards Okay shared above, players also need to know the rules of sure bookie Hi88 Have synthesized. As mentioned above, the round of blocking cards will be arranged in a counter-clockwise direction (from left to right). In each game, players need to do a lot of manipulation, for example, pick up, pick up cards, play cards, eat, pay the door, …. In addition, the betting doors will also be specified as follows:

  • Lead door: A term for one’s own door.
  • Upper Door: Term for the door on the left side.
  • Lower door: Term for the door on the right.
  • Hit: Term refers to the act of taking one’s card to play on the right hand side.
  • Stinging: Refers to the act of stinging and then facing the lead door.
  • Eat: If the card under the mat combines with the card in the hand, it can be eaten. The way to do it is very simple, specifically, players need their troops to eat in their hearts. Then turn the card face up to form a barrier or to eat a card. In case you can’t take it, say “Under” so that the next person understands and takes the card.
  • Chiu: This is a special term, players can only take cards when they have 1 card below that is similar to 3 cards in their hand. To eat Chiu, it is not necessary to follow the turn. Anytime you own Chiu, you should eat right away so as not to miss the opportunity.
  • Paying the door: When you have eaten a card, you must play 1 card to return the food you just ate. This keeps the round undisturbed.
  • Ù: Anyone who participates in playing cards will definitely aim to be . You are said to be buzzing when the 19 cards combined with the venom become 10 sets of shields or cards. Note, in which there must be at least 6 barriers to be recognized as buzzing.

Above is Basic rules of playing cards for new players Hi88 sent to readers. Hopefully through this information,Older brotherinHavecanon one’s own believe greed family play post sure and carry about much war win best give copy close Please!

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