Are Baked Potatoes Nutritious?

Baked potatoes have a bad image when it comes to diet and weight reduction, particularly among people aiming to minimize their total carbohydrate intake. You might be shocked to learn how healthy a baked potato is – and how well it can fit into your weight reduction strategy.

Low In Calories, Fat, And Cholesterol

One big cooked russet potato has around 278 calories; the baked potato calorie count includes the potato shell but excludes any additional butter or toppings. A basic roasted potato has very little fat and no cholesterol. A potato provides only 1% of the recommended requirement for salt or 30 mg.

Source Of Protein And Fiber

A big baked potato has around 63 g of carbs. According to the American Diabetes Association, potatoes have a high glycemic index of more than 70 because they contain a large number of carbohydrates. Potatoes may produce a significant spike in blood sugar levels in those with diabetes or who follow a low GI diet. A potato has around 7.5 g of protein, or roughly 15% DV, which is important for muscle growth and healing. Potatoes include 6.6 g of dietary fiber, which accounts for around 26% of your daily fiber requirements. Fiber aids in weight reduction by increasing fullness and decreasing appetite. Fiber is required by your body for a healthy digestive system and proper digestion.

Vitamins Make An Impact

Baked potatoes are high in vitamin C, supplying about half of the recommended intake. Vitamin C aids in the formation, growth, and repair of all bodily tissues. The B-group vitamins are the foundation of a healthy body, influencing your energy levels, cell metabolism, and brain function. Baked potatoes include a lot of B vitamins, including 46 percent of your daily value for vitamin B-6, as well as thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, pantothenic acid, and folate. Furthermore, potatoes contain trace levels of vitamins A, E, and K.

Potassium Is A Mineral That Is Good For Your Heart

Potatoes are an excellent source of potassium, providing more than a banana, with 1600 mg, or 46 percent of your daily intake, to aid in the maintenance of regular cardiac rhythm. Consume potatoes to get the 33 percent DV for manganese, which helps to maintain good brain and nerve function. You will also benefit from 21 percent DV for magnesium and phosphorus. Iron, calcium, and copper are also minerals found in healthy potatoes. These nutrients work together to help with energy metabolism, nervous system health, the development of strong teeth and bones, and the creation of red blood cells.

Select Healthy Toppings

In the great majority of situations, the harmful nutritional ingredients in a baked potato come mainly from the toppings that are placed on it, rather than the potato itself. A baked potato with butter & sour cream, for example, has 470 calories, 18 g of fat and extra cholesterol and sugar. A baked potato with cheese from Wendy’s has 479 calories and 17 grams of fat. Consider low-fat toppings like cottage cheese, chopped carrots, yogurt, or creamy horseradish when selecting.

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